All who call Hope their home share the family responsibility to create an environment where individuals will encounter the grace, love, worship, and teachings of Jesus. We're a family, and by volunteering we serve both God and one another in our family!


Here are some ways that you can help us share family responsibility in our Hope family.
These aren't the only ways you can help, so, if something else specific comes to mind, please get in touch and let us know! 


Join us in investing in the next generation (our kids) by helping and/or teaching our kids during our Worship Gathering.


Join us in inviting the presence of God in our Worship Gatherings through music. We're not really looking for rock stars, but we are eager for people willing to develop musical talent to lead people into God's presence through music.


Honestly, we really don't know what we're doing with sound; we have a tiny idea. Basically, we just try to keep it clear and audible. If you've got any background in mixing live sound, our church family would love it!


Here's an easier one (unless you are prone to day dreaming): run the media computer during our Worship Gathering. We will show you all you need to know.


Enjoy cooking/baking? We have spaces for how those skills will serve our family through The Lord's Meal Worship Gatherings and serve others through our Community Dinners!


Enjoy eating? Yep. You read that right! Join us at our Community Dinner to eat with others around the table in the presence of Jesus. It's quite simple: eat, talk, ask questions, listen, and share stories of your life and stories of Jesus!


Are you excellent at computer administration, background details, organization, and the like? Yep, we could use help with that!


Maybe you practice photography or videography? We have concepts in mind; we need help to get them off the ground. You could join us by serving our church family with these talents too!


Maybe you enjoy gathering a group of people together and challenging one another to continue moving one step closer to Jesus? Talk with Pastor Steve about what is expected from group leaders.

Volunteer FAQ

How do I volunteer?

There's two main spaces we put our focus: Worship Gatherings and Community Dinners. The best way is to join us, see what's needed, and offer to help where you might be able to help or add value.

How do I volunteer with music?

Our music team rehearses each week. You'll need to join us for rehearsals for a time before you are welcomed to lead our congregation in worship and praise through music. If that makes sense, let us know your interest!

How often am I expected to volunteer?

We ask that you actively participate and share responsibility in our gatherings one to two times each month.

How do I volunteer with kids?

Our kids are the next generation of the church! They are the ones who will carry on our legacy, and more importantly, the honor of Jesus! So, helping with kids is a spiritual responsibility! You'll also need a background check.